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International Trademark Registration and Trademark Services

  • Register a Trademark

    Register a Trademark

    EFSAG are experienced in all areas of Intellectual Property Law with a particular focus to register trademarks. Our team of dedicated specialists will conduct a search for you to ascertain whether your mark is available and accepted…

    register trademarks

  • Global Trademark Services

    Global Trademark Services

    We specialize and offer a range of global trademark services to individuals and companies worldwide. We have the global resources available to provide design, search, registration and renewal services on an international scale…

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  • Trademark Search Services

    Trademark Search Services

    We can offer advice and facilitate your trademark search for National, European wide and International searches. We have over 12 years of experience in conducting effective searches for individuals and companies across the globe…

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  • International Trademark Registration

    International Trademark Registration

    We can assist you throughout your international trademark registration, search, design and renewal. By registering with EFSAG we can ensure you receive a great level of brand protection…

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  • European Trademark Registration

    European Trademark Registration

    We can provide European trademark registration services for both individuals and business entities across the globe. Our services enable applicants to register their mark as a CTM protected mark…

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About Register Trademarks .net

Register Trademarks is a specialized service site dedicated to providing a selection of registration services to assist our clients in safeguarding their mark in a host of countries across the globe. Through our expert knowledge and experience in the field of intellectual property law, we can draw on our global resources to deliver reliable trademark services. The services that we can provide include: design, trademark search, trademark registration and renewal.

Our expert consultants will facilitate the registration procedure with the appropriate registry, so as to ensure you own the exclusive rights to your mark. We recognize the importance and value of a registered trademark, as business entities rely on the safe protection of their brand name from being reproduced or replicated by competitors.

Why Trademark Registration

Those who choose to register trademarks will benefit hugely from the security and legal protection that a registered mark provides. Your registered mark will be protected against the unauthorized use of the mark by third parties and you will have the right to sue for damages in cases of passing off or infringement. Having a registered trademark will help you achieve greater deterrence from competitors adopting your mark as their own, or from companies using confusingly similar marks. An official mark is also an effective marketing tool and helps companies achieve effective brand loyalty and protection. One of the main reasons to register a mark is so you can hold exclusivity over a particular identity which ultimately adds value to your company and brand.

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How to Register Trademarks

register trademarksWe can provide you with a comprehensive step by step in how to fully protect your brand and register a marktrademarks

Professional Advice

trademark registrationProfessional advice for individuals and companies who require a mark designed tailored to their specific requirementsregistration advice