Global Trademark Services

Global Trademark Services

EFSAG specialize in a range of global trademark services offered to individuals and companies worldwide. Our services comprise of design, search, registration and renewal. EFSAG has the global resources available to provide these specialist services on an international scale.

For further information regarding our global trademark services and how we can assist you, Contact EFSAG using our online form, or browse through any of our service pages listed below.

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Trademark Design

Through our design team and skilled consultants we are fully equipped to assist you with creating a unique and distinctive mark as per your requirements.

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Trademark Search

This is a particularly popular service as a trademark must pass this initial stage in order to be accepted for official registration. Our professional consultants have many years experience in conducting thorough searches in countries across the globe and will assist you throughout the whole process.

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Trademark Registration

Our registration services are offered in the majority of countries across the globe and our specialist consultants have the experience to ensure your registered mark complies with the relevant trademark laws.

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Trademark Renewal

Our dedicated consultants will assist you with the maintenance and management of your registered mark after it has been officially registered. We are experienced in trademark law compliance and we will assist you in renewing your mark for as long as you require the mark registered for. Our professional consultants will administer the renewal application and associated paperwork on your behalf in a timely and efficient manner.

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