Trademark Search Services

Trademark Search Services

EFSAG can advise and facilitate your trademark search for National, European wide and International searches. We have over 15 years of experience in conducting effective searches for individuals and companies across the globe. Our dedicated and skilled team of consultants will perform a comprehensive trademark search on your behalf while also administering the necessary paper work to ensure your results are received in a timely manner.

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Importance of a Trademark Search

It is paramount that a comprehensive trademark search is performed prior to submitting a formal application for registration, as this will identify whether the mark is available for registration or not. Without conducting an official trademark search it is impossible to ascertain whether your mark is unique in each of the jurisdictions you seek to register the mark in. It is highly advisable to enlist the assistance of a professional consultancy to perform the trademark search as laws can be complex to understand and communications with national or international trademark offices can be time consuming.

Perform a Trademark Search with EFSAG

EFSAG have a highly credible reputation in performing conclusive trademark searches on an international scale for both individuals and business entities. Our professional consultants have the necessary skills and expertise required to conduct a search and ascertain in a timely manner, whether your trademark is unique to the jurisdictions you wish to register the mark in. Our dedicated consultants will advise and facilitate the entire trademark search procedure by utilizing our international resources and contacts.

Additional Services

After conducting your trademark search, EFSAG will provide you with the complete trademark service package – offering you registration and renewal services. Where the trademark search shows that your mark is unavailable for registration, we can offer you trademark design services. Our design team will consult with you on your mark specifications and then design you a unique and legally compliant mark for registration.

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