What is WIPO

What is WIPO

WIPO is also known as the World Intellectual Property Organization and is the official registry for the registration of trademarks in multiple countries across the globe. WIPO is vast in scope and has a number of requirements which much be met in order to gain trademark registration. It is advised that the owner of a trademark seeking registration through WIPO consults with a professional consultancy firm that are experienced in all areas relating to registering trademarks and the WIPO registry.

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WIPO explained

WIPO is responsible for the reviewing and issuing of all trademark applications and also regulates the use of trademarks around the world. It sets the standards and legal framework of the requirements and obligations of a trademark while also providing rules as to revocation of trademark rights.

WIPO operates in accordance with the Madrid System which complies with the Madrid Agreement 1891 and the Madrid Protocol 1989.

WIPO is the registry used by applicants seeking trademark registration in a number of international locations or where a national registry is not available in a certain country where the applicant seeks registration. WIPO offers registration in over 184 of its member states worldwide and trademark application forms can be submitted in English, French or Spanish.