EU Trademark

EU Trademark

EFSAG are specialists in trademark search, registration and renewal services throughout the EU and are offered to companies and individuals across the globe. Our professional and skilled consultants have a wealth of experience in all areas of EU intellectual property law with a particular focus on providing EU trademarks (typically referred to as a Community Trademark). We are fully equipped to assist you in community trademark search, community trademark registration and community trademark renewal.

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EU Trademark Requirements

The Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) is responsible for registration of community trademarks throughout the EU. A trademark that is registered by OHIM is known as a community trademark (CTM) and is valid across all 27 member states.

All CTM’s must be capable of graphical representation, be unique and distinguishable against third parties and competitors in the market.  A CTM may consist of personal names, words, numerals, letters, shapes or designs, or a combination thereof.

A CTM, once registered, is valid across the European Union as a whole. It is not possible to limit the geographic scope of the community trademark to protection to certain Member States. For individual member state protection registration must be applied for through the countries national trademark offices. The validity period of a CTM is 10 years from the date of official registration, and can be renewed indefinitely for periods of ten years.

EU Trademark Law

The EU trademark legislation applicable for community trademarks is based on the framework and regulation of the European Union Council.  The principle regulation is – Council Regulation (EC) No 207/2009 of the Community trademark.

A registered Community trademark provides the owners exclusive rights of that mark and ensures legal protection is in favor of the owner in cases of infringement. A registered EU trademark will act as an effective deterrent against third party unauthorized use of the mark.  The Enforcement Directive was adopted in 2004 to strengthen the protection and security of trademarks within the EU. It also stipulates that member states within the EU will apply the same framework for remedies and criminal proceedings in cases of counterfeiting, piracy and infringement of trademark rights.

EU Trademark Registration

EFSAG can provide comprehensive consultation for your EU trademark registration, from assisting you with the initial trademark search to administering the relevant documentation.  We are experienced in all aspects of EU trademarks from the initial designing process to ensuring successful trademark renewals.