France Trademark

France Trademark

EFSAG offer a range of services catered to both companies and individuals seeking a France trademark. Our professional consultants have a wealth of experience in all areas of France intellectual property law and can assist you every step of the way with your trademark search, registration and renewal.

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France Trademark Requirements

The National Industrial Property Institute (INPI) is the intellectual property registry for France and is responsible for the registration of France marks. The owner of a trademark can be a company, individual or other legal entity and will apply for France trademark registration to the INPI.

France trademarks must not employ a deceptive character, nor must they be generic or common terms. Under trademark law in France, a mark must be capable of graphical representation and not be offensive to the morality or the public order. There is no trademark search conducted by the INPI so it is highly advisable that you enlist the help of a professional consultant to perform a thorough search on your behalf. A trademark search will ensure your mark is available prior to applying for registration.

The validity period of a France trademark is 10 consecutive years from the date of registration. The owner can then renew the mark every 10 years thereafter provided the mark complied with the relevant requirements of use.

France Trademark Law

The Trademarks law in France is known as Law No. 91-7 of January 4, 1991 on Trademarks and Service Marks. France is a member of the EU and as such, all requirements and legislation must be compliant with that of the European trademark law.

Under France trademark law, foreign companies or individuals who are not a France resident or citizen within the EU or EEA must seek representation in France. The trademark act in France provides protection against all infringements of a registered marks rights and this protection extends to all 11 French overseas territories also.

France trademark law stipulates that the use of a France trademark is compulsory for the first 5 years post registration. It also requires that the use of the France trademark is performed “effectively and seriously” so as to prevent risk of removal on grounds of misuse or non-use.

France Trademark Registration

EFSAG can provide comprehensive consultation on all aspects related to your France trademark registration, from assisting you with the initial search to administering the relevant documentation.  We have many years experience in France trademarks from the initial designing process to ensuring successful renewals.