Germany Trademark

Germany Trademark

Our professional and skilled consultants can advise you on all aspects of Germany trademarks from the initial design of the mark to the full registration.  We are able to draw on our international resources and contacts to assist you in trademark search, registration and renewal for your Germany trademark.

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Germany Trademark Requirements

The Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt (DPMA) or German Patent and Trademark Office (GPTO) is the registry responsible with registering Germany marks and is head quartered in Munich.  The DPMA operates under the Federal Ministry of Justice in Germany and is a partner in the network of national, European and international industrial property frameworks.

A Germany trademark must be capable of being represented graphically and be distinctive from the marks of others. It is against Germany trademark law to register a mark which is descriptive or misleading to the public, it is also prohibited for a mark to contain state emblems or be offensive to the public.

The main benefits of registering a Germany trademark are that exclusive rights to the mark are conferred to the owner. This means that the trademark owner has full authority to use the mark, sell or assign their mark and grant the use of their mark to third parties. The validity period of a Germany trademark is 10 years from the date of registration. Provided the mark has been used in compliance with the relevant trademark law, then the mark can be renewed every 10 years thereafter.

Germany Trademark Law

The trademark law in Germany came into force on January 1, 1999. The scope of protection awarded to the owner of a Germany trademark includes protection against infringements of their trademark rights and cases of passing off. If a third party uses a registered mark for commercial use without the consent of the owner this justifies breach of the law.

Where a third party infringes or breaches trademark law in Germany, the owner has the right to sue the party and seek compensation – typically in the form of damages suffered from the unauthorized use of the mark.

Protection is provided to all owners of a registered Germany trademark and this protection is extended to the boundaries of Germany only.

Germany Trademark Registration

EFSAG can provide comprehensive consultation for your Germany trademark registration, from assisting you with the initial search to administering the relevant documentation for registration and renewal.  We are experienced in all aspects of Germany trademarks from the initial designing process to ensuring successful renewals.