Trademark Renewal

Trademark Renewal

EFSAG are experienced in all areas of intellectual property law and in particular trademark registration and renewal.  Our team of dedicated and professional consultants has the resources and skills required to successfully assist you with your renewal promptly and in a hassle free manner.

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Why Acquire Trademark Renewal Services

When a mark is registered it adopts a validity period of 10 consecutive years from the date the registration was approved. An application for trademark renewal must be submitted usually within the 6 months prior to the trademark’s expiry date. Owners of a registered mark are entitled to keep it for as long as they see fit, provided they renew it within the necessary time frames.

Process of Trademark Renewal

Trademark renewal can be processed by the holder or a nominated representative on behalf of the holder. The process of renewing your mark may vary according to the agency and jurisdiction it is registered with.