Mexico Trademark

A Mexico trademark must comply with all necessary rules and requirements as set by the relevant intellectual property authority in order to seek trademark registration. For registration you are required to apply to the IMPI – Instituto Mexicano de la Propiedad Industrial) for approval. For find out reliable and up to date information regarding the requirements to satisfy to register your mark, you are advised to speak with a professional trademark attorney or consultancy firm.

How to register a Mexico Trademark

A Mexico trademark is registered with the IMPI provided the owner of the mark ensures all necessary requirements as stipulated by the IMPI are met prior to submitting the official application of registration.

The main requirements to satisfy for trademark registration include:

  • The mark must be capable of graphical representation
  • It must be available to use and not previously registered
  • The mark must be distinguishable and not confusing to the public
  • It must be one or a combination of; words, letters, numbers, drawings and shapes.

The relevant law in Mexico for trademarks is the LIP or Industrial Property Law. It is vital that mark owners are aware of the legal framework set by the LIP and to understand the rights given to registered trademark owners under the protection offered by the LIP. By understanding the applicable laws in place, owners can ensure they use their mark in compliance with regulations.

Mexico’s LIP has enhanced the level of protection awarded to famous trademarks and notorious trademarks. It is important to acknowledge all obligations, requirements and laws in place that protect your brand, whilst also ensuring you are familiar with the rules surrounding how to use your Mexico trademark commercially.

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