Benefits of trademark watch services

A trademark watch is a service that is typically offered to owners seeking protection against unauthorized use of their mark, and is provided by intellectual property attorneys and professional consultancy firms that specialize in this area. Trademark watch services help mark owners to determine whether their mark is being used without their consent in locations where their intellectual property rights apply. The purpose of these watch services is to protect the rights of owners against infringement and unauthorized use.

Why use trademark watch services

Trademark watch services act as an essential tool in protecting the legal rights of mark owners from unauthorized use by infringing 3rd parties. In principle, watch services enable owners to prevent their registered mark or logo being manipulated and passed off by other parties or competitors and thus risking damage to their brand and company reputation.

Once a mark is registered the owner obtains a set of exclusive rights over the usage of the mark in a commercial environment where the mark is registered, however this does not always deter competitors from stealing a trademark idea or passing it off as their own. It is also very difficult for owners to keep a tab on their logo’s presence in the marketplace and they may not have the time of resources to ensure infringing parties do not steal their mark.

One of the main reasons that owners of logos enlist watch services is because of the fact that many of them do not have the time or resources to ensure their intellectual property rights are being protected against passing off in the market place. The watch services are not only applicable to marks that have been directly copied or infringed but even where there is a trademark created in a confusingly similar capacity to a registered mark, the watch service is able to warn the owner, and advise them on how to proceed.

Many large corporations with numerous intellectual rights will enlist the services of trademark watch professionals to ensure their brand identity and reputation is at all times protected. In addition to this there are many benefits of acquiring these services, which include;

  • Your registered mark can be monitored and protected on your behalf
  • The watch service will notify owners about potential harmful trademarks operating in the market place which can have a negative effect on their presence
  • Owners can be advised on how to proceed in seeking remedies in cases of trademark infringement.
  • These services will ensure the time, resources and effort of a company can be redirected into more necessary areas of business

When registering your mark it is advised to consider enlisting watch services, particularly where you intend to use your mark commercially and on an international scale. Where the mark will act as a direct link to a company’s brand identity it is also advised to use professional watch services as any risk of infringement or passing off could harm your company’s reputation significantly and leave long term damage.

In general, a trademark watch service can be considered as a highly useful tool in administering and monitoring intellectual property rights across the world, by preventing unauthorized use as well as determining appropriate remedies in cases of infringement.

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