Structure of MyIPO

MyIPO, more formally known as the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia, and is responsible for the monitoring, protection and implementation of intellectual property rights (IPR) within the boundaries of Malaysia. For trademark owners seeking registration in Malaysia, it is important to obtain the necessary guidance when filing the registration application. The process of filing for mark registration can be a time consuming process and as such, enlisting the services of a professional consultancy firm or trademark attorney will simplify and speed up the process greatly.

MyIPO scope and structure explained

The acronym MyIPO came into force on 3rd March 2005, and was previously known as PHIM – Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia. The registry is tasked with a broad range of responsibilities that extend to trademarks, patents, PCT patents, industrial designs, geographical indications, IC layout designs, and copyright.

Owners of trademarks wishing to obtain a set of exclusive rights over the use of their mark in Malaysia are required to seek approval from MyIPO by filing the official application form and the exact specification of the mark. It is essential that a database search is carried out prior to filing your application and fee because if the mark is already in use or ‘unavailable’ for any other reason, you will lose your fee and have to start the process all over again.

MyIPO is a well regarded intellectual property registry and administers the following legislations:

  •  Patents Act 1983
  • Trademarks Act 1976
  • Copyright Act 1987
  • Industrial Designs Act 1996
  • Layout-Designs of Integrated Circuits Act 2000
  • Geographical Indications Act 2000
  • Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia Act 2002

The registry operates in such a way as to support the development and implementation of new ideas and creations in Malaysia. Through providing a solid framework and enforcing legislation to protect the rights of intellectual property (IP) owners, the progression of the IP market in Malaysia is growing.

The primary objectives of MyIPO include the following:

  • To establish and maintain effective administration
  • To enforce and strengthen intellectual property legislations
  • To promote public awareness on the importance of intellectual property
  • To provide a comprehensive database of IP information in a user friendly format
  • To offer necessary advisory services on all matters relating to IP in Malaysia

Overall, the focus of the registry is to regulate and supervise all intellectual property registrations in Malaysia, while continually safeguarding the interests and rights of IP owners.

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