What is a trademark watch

The term, trademark watch, is given to a particular service offered by attorneys and consultancy firms that aim to monitor the use of trademarks in the commercial marketplace. The purpose of a trademark watch service is to monitor registered marks and ensure that unauthorized use or other forms of infringement do not occur. Owners of registered marks may find it highly beneficial to enlist such watch services.

Trademark watch explained

Watch services can be obtained by owners of registered marks from across the globe. The aim impetus behind seeking these specialist services is to have a professional monitor the use of your mark and ensure competitors or other third parties do not infringe on your trademark rights.

Although owners of registered marks enjoy a much higher level of legal protection as recognized under the applicable trademark laws, it is still prudent to seek watch services to further protect your rights against cases of passing off, counterfeiters and competitors developing confusingly similar marks.

Trademark watch services are widely considered as one of the most effective methods of policing a trademark in order lower the risk of infringement and passing off.

Typically, when enlisting watch services, you will be notified with regular updates as to any new trademarks that are in use which are identical or confusingly similar to your own registered mark.  All information regarding any potentially infringing new trademarks will be conveyed to the owner with immediate effect in an effort to promote damage control and allow the owner to registered mark owner to seek the appropriate remedies in a court of law.

There is not one set way of conducting a watch service, in fact these services can be conducted in a variety of ways provided they achieve the effective and thorough search of marks with words, logos, slogans or designs similar to the trademark being watched.

Trademark watch services can also be performed globally.

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