Why use an intellectual property attorney

An intellectual property attorney, commonly abbreviated to as IP attorney, is a qualified individual within the legal field that specializes in the area of intellectual property rights and law. The scope of IP is vast and the level of complexity of the applicable laws may require interpretation by professionals in order for intellectual property owners to better understand their rights.

Reasons to use an Intellectual property attorney

Intellectual property will typically be in the form of a patent, trademark, industrial design or copyright. Depending on the jurisdiction of the IP owner, they made be able to enlist the services of an IP attorney who specializes in the specific area of IP the individual owns, i.e. trademark attorney or patent attorney.

There are a number of reasons why using an intellectual property attorney is a beneficial and highly advised. Some of these reasons are described below:

IP search – An attorney has the experience and resources to perform a thorough search according to the type of IP you own and the location where you intend to register your IP rights. It is vitally important that an intellectual property search is conducted prior to applying for official registration because where the IP is not available, it will be rejected from the registry office and the applicants fee lost.

Administer documentation – An IP attorney can assist individuals with completing and filing all relevant documentation required to obtaining their intellectual property rights in a timely and professional manner. It is vitally important all requirements of the IP and accompanying documentation are met in order to achieve registration success.

Speed up process – Most IP attorneys have a strong network of contacts and resources with the relevant IP offices around the world, and as such, they can effectively speed up the process of obtaining your rights.

Advice – An intellectual property attorney can provide IP owners with the necessary advice and guidance as to the requirements their property must meet in order for you to obtain the set of exclusive rights to their IP. They can also guide owners on how to ensure they act in compliance with the relevant IP laws.

IP watch – an attorney may offer ‘watch’ services such as trademark watches. This type of service is where the attorney will actively monitor the registration and application of other trademarks within the jurisdictions you have ownership rights, and ensure that no other trademark is registered that is similar or the same as yours.

IP renewal – IP attorneys can assist owners with the efficient, speedy and professional renewal of their IP rights at the appropriate time. IP rights are awarded for a specified period of time, depending on the property and the jurisdiction of the owner, and so it is vital that the renewal of IP rights is conducted where necessary.

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