How to file for an international patent

Obtaining international patent protection can be a difficult and time-consuming process for those who are not familiar with patent requirements and laws in their country of domicile. Intellectual property owners are therefore advised to enlist the professional services of a patent attorney or professional consultancy firm to speed up the registration process.

International patent protection

To file for international patent protection in a number of countries across the globe, patent owners are required to obtain approval from WIPO – World Intellectual Property Organization. WIPO enforces the Madrid System and permits multiple country registrations for a single patent through submitting a single registration application form. This means that owners can obtain registration rights in several global jurisdictions and need only file one application form, thus saving time, effort and costs.

It is advised that a thorough patent search be performed prior to applying for patent protection in your selected countries. This is because it is imperative that the patent is ‘available’ in order to seek registration rights. If it is discovered by WIPO to be unavailable for registration, you will lose your application fee and be rejected from registering the idea or invention.

Once a patent application has been filed to WIPO, it will be published to allow other parties to oppose the patent registration. If there are no objections, the patent will obtain protection and the owner will acquire exclusive rights over the idea/invention in every country they sought protection and registration in.

By obtaining guidance and support from an experienced consultancy firm or patent attorney, you will be less exposed to risk of having your application refused. It will also speed up the process of obtaining international patent protection.

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