Cyprus Trademark

When seeking Cyprus trademark registration, it is vital that mark owners are aware of the various standards to meet and laws to comply with prior to submitting their registration application. It is advisable to enlist the professional assistance of a trademark attorney or consultancy firm that specializes in intellectual property, to ensure the process of registering a mark in Cyprus is completed in a time efficient manner.

Cyprus Trademark Registration

To obtain exclusive rights over your Cyprus trademark, you must first ensure that the mark meets the following prerequisites:

  • It must be distinctive and unique.
  • It cannot be descriptive.
  • It should be a word, phrase, graphic symbol, emblem, device, design, name, or a combination thereof.
  • It must be capable or graphical representation and have the capacity to be used commercially
  • Must be ‘available’ for registration to be approved.
  • Must not cause offense or confuse the public in any way.

The Department of Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver is the applicable authority for approvining Cyprus trademark registration applications. This particular department falls under the Ministry or Commerce, Industry and Tourism, and its scope of responsibilities are vast.  It is the Intellectual and Industrial Property Section of the department that deals with all matters relating to intellectual property, including the development of commerical activity concerning trademarks, intellectual and industrial design, copyright, patents, and service marks.

In order to register your mark in Cyprus, you will need to seek approval from the Department of Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver. The application for registration can be submitted by an industry profesional on behalf of the owner to ensure the necessary requirements are met. The application and fee should be sent together.  Provided the application is approved, the owner of the mark will receive a set of exclusive rights over the mark, and will gain legal protection from third party infringements.

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