What are my trademark service options

Trademark owners can take advantage of the many services available, ranging from initial trademark design through to the registration and renewal of a registered mark. Professional consultancy firms that specialize in intellectual property provide a host of services to assist with the entire search and registration procedure, in a timely and professional manner.

Trademark services

Due to the requirements of registering a mark varying from one jurisdiction to the next, and the complexity surrounding trademark searches, it is common practice to obtain professional trademark services. There are many different forms of services that can assist owners in obtaining a set of exclusive rights over their mark in their chosen jurisdictions.

The primary trademark services include:


When creating a brand identity for a product or service, it is often useful to enlist trademark design services to help you create the logo you desire, in line with the applicable trademark requirements of the jurisdictions you intend to register the mark in.


It is advisable for mark owners to make use of trademark search services. Oftentimes, the search results of trademark databases can be very difficult to interpret and so it is prudent to acquire the assistance of an industry professional to perform the search on your behalf. By enlisting professional search services, you can effectively demonstrate to a court of law that due diligence was taken, and good faith executed, when registering the mark.


Generally, all owners seeking to register their mark in selected jurisdictions across the globe use trademark registration services. The process of registration can be considerably lengthy and complex depending on where the registration is sought, and so it is important to gain professional guidance.


Trademark renewal services enable owners of registered marks to maintain their exclusive rights for as long as they require them. The validity of trademark registration will vary depending on where the registration was gained, also, the rules regarding renewal may differ from one trademark office to the next. It is therefore wise to acquire professional guidance when seeking a renewal.

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