Exclusive rights gained from copyright

A copyright is a legal right given to the owner of a creative work. Essential a copyright protects the ‘physical expression of ideas’ e.g. musical compositions, photographs, film, web pages. It should be noted that a copyright can apply to both published and unpublished works. Professional consultancy firms and intellectual property attorneys can provide valuable guidance to those seeking copyright protection.

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Set of exclusive rights

The term ‘exclusive rights’ are rights awarded to the owner of a creative work, ensuring that only the owner of the work has the right to use, adapt, or lease their work to third parties. Essentially, having exclusive rights over your artistic work means that you alone have the right to decide who may use your creation, and should copyright infringement occur, you have the legal right to seek damages in a court of law.

There are several exclusive rights associated with owning a copyright, some of which are listed below:

  • Right to import or export the work
  • Right to prevent third parties from using the work
  • Right to sell or lease your rights to third parties
  • Authorization to perform the work in public
  • Permission to produce copies or reproductions of the work
  • Right to create derivative works
  • Right to transmit your work by radio/video

Copyright holders are usually the creators of the work and as such will retain the exclusive set of rights over the work for the duration of its lifetime. Typical copyright holders include: authors, artists, photographers, film makers, composers, song writers.

To learn more about the exclusive rights associated with owning a copyright in your country of domicile, it is prudent to obtain the professional opinion of an intellectual property attorney or consultancy firm that specialize in the areas of copyright law.