Benefits of registering a CTM

A CTM or community trademark as it is more formally known, is a trademark that has been registered through the registry OHIM (Office of Harmonization in the Internal Market). The trademark adopts the title ‘CTM’ as it becomes a trademark valid throughout the entire European Community. When seeking to register your trademark as CTM it is advised that you seek the guidance of a professional consultancy firm that specializes in registering trademarks through OHIM. This is primarily because there are a number of standards to meet and documents to administer in order to be approved CTM registration.

Advantages of a CTM

Registering a trademark through OHIM will render the trademark a CTM – community trademark. There are a number of benefits to registering your trademark with OHIM, some of which include;

  • A CTM has registration rights in all 27 EU member states
  • The registration application is a single application despite being registered in 27 countries
  • In cases of trademark searches, a single database is used which covers all registered CTMs across Europe, thus saving time in the trademark search process
  • A CTM can also be renewed once its validity period is up, by administering a single application for renewal
  • CTMs provide a great level of protection against the infringement of trademark rights and enable the CTM owner to seek remedies in court in cases of infringement or passing off.
  • A trademark registered under OHIM can enjoy the high standards, rights and benefits as provided under the European Community Law.

European trademark registration can be relatively complex to understand, thus it is advised to seek guidance and support from a professional consultancy firm when deciding to register your trademark as a CTM.

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