Why conduct trademark renewal

Trademark renewal is essential for all trademark owners to perform if they still require their exclusive rights once the validity period is over. Normally all registered trademarks will have a 10 year validity period and once this period is over, the owner will have the right to decide whether to conduct a renewal or not. The process of obtaining trademark renewal is relatively complex due to the deadlines by which the renewal application documents must be administered and submitted by. It is therefore advised that you seek the assistance of a professional firm when considering renewal.

Trademark renewal explained

Trademarks will usually have a 10 year initial validity period however; some countries such as the USA require the owner to renew their trademark rights after 5 years then every 10 years there-after. It is therefore essential that you are aware of the trademark laws on renewal in your country/countries of registration to understand your renewal obligations.

Trademark renewal can only be achieved where the trademark has been used in compliance with the relevant laws and in line with the conditions stipulated by the relevant intellectual property registry. Some countries will require that the trademark be used for a minimum period of time in a commercial capacity in order to later qualify for renewal.

Renewal allows the owner to maintain their trademark rights for as long as they require the mark to be used commercially. This ultimately means that the trademark will remain under the ownership of the owner, and no third parties or competitors can used the trademark for as long as the owner renews his/her rights.

Companies that are continually growing and expanding and which require the use of their trademarks for a long period of time, are able to keep their rights over their trademark/brand identity for as long as they require. This is a highly attractive feature to registering your trademark rights.

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