What is the European Patent Organization

The European Patent Organization, commonly referred to as EPOrg was established in 1977 as a public international office for the purpose of issuing patent rights in Europe. The EPOrg grants European patents in accordance with the European Patent Convention (EPC). In order to obtain a patent in Europe you are advised to seek professional advice and guidance on how to comply with EPOrg standards.

European Patent Organization explained

Although the European Patent Organization operates in line with the European Patent Office and under the scope of the European Patent Convention, it is not legally bound to the European Union. The EPOrg is an intergovernmental organization that operates on the basis of the EPC and is responsible for the European Patent Office and the Administrative Council.

The Administrative Council of the EPOrg includes;

  • Composition
  • Representatives
  • Secretariat
  • Rules of procedure
  • Council bodies
  • Board of auditors

The primary responsibility of the European Patent Organization is to grant European Patents. The main tasks of the EPOrg can be categorized as follows:

  • Search and examination
  • Oppositions
  • Appeals

The search and examination task is where a search is performed to ascertain the validity and availability of the patent. The opposition’s stage is where all reasonable oppositions to the filing of a European patent are dealt with appropriately. Lastly, appeals are handled in a timely and efficient manner where the ruling on a European patent application has been refused and an appeal has been put in place.