European Trademark Registration

Starting Business can provide European trademark registration services to individuals and business entities across the globe. Our services enable applicants to register their mark as a Community Trademark (CTM) or file an application for a nationally registered mark in the jurisdiction or jurisdictions of their choice.

CTM Rights

A Community Trademark (CTM) is registered with OHIM (Office of Harmonization in the Internal Market) and provides the owner of the CTM with exclusive rights to the mark across all 27 EU member states in accordance with the CTM regulation provisions. In the instance where additional countries become party to the European Union, your CTM will automatically be covered and will not require further registration applications.

CTM Protection

Your CTM registration will provide you with greater protection against other users infringing your trademark rights in any of the 27 member states. This extends to preventing unauthorized use of the trademark on goods or packaging and unauthorized commercial use of the mark by third parties. By owning the rights to your CTM you will have the scope to prevent marks which have a likelihood of confusion with your mark from being registered.

National Trademark Registration in the European Union

It is possible to register your mark on a national basis rather than across the whole European Union. This type of registration requires individual trademark searches and registration procedures for each country the applicant seeks to have the mark formally registered in. The same level of protection applied for a nationally registered mark as a CTM however the rights only extend to the boundaries of the country or countries the mark is registered in – not the whole EU.

Popular EU Member States for Trademark Registration

Some of the most sought after EU member states for national registration are:

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