Why use a trademark attorney to file a trademark

It is considered a necessary procedure to enlist the help of a certified trademark attorney when creating, registering, protecting and renewing your trademark as the area of intellectual property law is often complex and daunting to many. Trademark attorneys are specialist’s in trademark law and will be fully equipped to assist you in search, registering and protecting your mark on a global scale.

Benefits of using a trademark attorney

A trademark attorney is a legal representative that is qualified to practice legal duties in accordance with trademark law for the purpose of assisting individuals and companies to register and protect their marks. There are numerous benefits of using an attorney to help you with your trademark requirements. Not only can an attorney assist you with design specifications, trademark searches, filing for registration and protecting your mark in a court of law, but a trademark attorney has many other advantageous features.

Enlisting the help of a certified attorney will provide you with the following benefits:

Save money – the likeliness of your trademark being rejected for registration when an attorney has filed it on your behalf is very low, and so it is unlikely you will loose your application fee. You will also save money in the long run incase complications arise such as cases being filed for trademark infringement.

Save time – a trademark attorney can speed up the process for filing for registration with the relevant authorities). Also a certified attorney will understand how to conduct a thorough trademark search in a timely manner.

Better understanding– attorneys will help you to interpret trademark search reports and guide you on how to comply with the relevant laws).

Managing your trademark on your behalf – an attorney can file for your trademark renewal on your behalf when the validity expires. Furthermore, a trademark attorney can conduct watch services which actively aim to ‘watch’ other trademark usage to ensure your rights are not being infringed.

Due Diligence – in a court of law, if you have used the services of an attorney you will be considered to have acted in good will and shown due diligence when registered and using your trademark.