Who is a trademark attorney

It is highly advised when creating, registering, protecting and renewing your trademark that you enlist the professional guidance of a trademark attorney. A trademark attorney is a certified legal representative that specializes in the area. However you can seek the help of most intellectual property lawyers as they will have an in-depth understanding of the industry and be fully equipped to advise you throughout the entire registrations process.

Aspects of a trademark attorney

A trademark attorney as previously mentioned is a legal representative that is qualified and certified in trademark law practice. Typically the attorney will be recognized as a lawyer for trademarks in their own right however in some other jurisdictions a trademark attorney is a person working within the general legal profession and they do not necessarily have recognition for being a lawyer for trademarks.

The attorney can typically deal with matters involving trademark design, registration, search, infringement, and renewal.

Generally, a trademark attorney will work for a legal company however; many attorney offices are being established in today’s competitive marketplace. Many large corporations that have several trademarks to maintain will also typically a specialist attorney. Irrespective of where the attorney works and for whom, the duties and responsibilities are much the same. The responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • advising on trademark design
  • advising on trademark adoption
  • performing trademark searches,
  • filling for registration
  • filing for prosecution of a trademark and advising on infringement
  • handling objections or revocations
  • handling renewals