Why use trademark registration services

Trademark registration services are sought by mark owners across the globe to ensure a successful, efficient and legal registration is conducted. Without enlisting specialized trademark registration services, the process of registering a logo is considered relatively complex.

Trademark registration services explained

There are many reasons why using trademark registration services are beneficial to owners across the globe. One of the primary advantages is that an intellectual property owner can be confident that their mark will be registered successfully where they adopt professional registration services.

Typically, an attorney or consultancy firm will offer trademark registration services for all types of trademarks provided the mark meets certain criteria to be considered a legitimate trademark, i.e. it must be capable of graphical representation and available for use.

The process of registering a trademark with the appropriate intellectual property office is somewhat complex to those who are unfamiliar with the process and applicable trademark laws. A consultancy firm will locate the necessary intellectual property office/offices and submit your trademark with accompanying forms for review. Prior to this, it is likely the consultancy will have conducted a search to determine the availability of your mark.

It is advised to use the services of a credible consultancy or attorney as this will show the trademark owner acted in good faith and due diligence in seeking trademark registration should any problems arise.

Trademark registration services will not only assist the owner with the actual application for registration but will also assist the mark owner if registration is refused or a third party objects it. The ultimate aim of trademark registration is to register a mark in the chosen countries, in a timely, efficient and professional manner.

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