Singapore Trademark

A Singapore trademark is a mark that is registered with the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS), giving the owner of the mark full protection and legal rights over usage of the mark within Singapore. If you wish to register your trademark in Singapore to obtain the associated set of exclusive rights over the mark you are advised to seek professional consultancy.

How to register a Singapore Trademark

In order to register a Singapore trademark you are required to apply for registration to the IPOS – Intellectual Property Office of Singapore. In order to ensure your application for a Singapore trademark is successful you are advised to meet all necessary obligations and requirements as laid down by the IPOS and applicable Singapore trademark legislation.

One of the principle requirements to satisfy when seeking Singapore trademark registration is that the mark is available to register, unique and distinctive against competition. One of the most appropriate ways to ensure your mark is not already in use in Singapore is to conduct a trademark search, which should be performed by a professional consultant or attorney specializing in trademark registration.

Provided the mark is capable of graphical representation and is one of, or a combination of, colours, numbers, letters, designs and shapes, then the mark is likely to be suitable for registration.

In line with the above requirements, a Singapore trademark must comply with the Trademarks Act 1995, which stipulates that Singapore trademarks must meet standards set by the Paris Convention for the Protection of Intellectual Property.

The Trademarks Act 1995 also provides the legal framework and procedures to follow in the cases of infringement and owners seeking remedies.

It should be noted that once a Singapore trademark has been approved and issued official registration, the trademark rights will last for a period of 10 years from the date of filing for registration. On expiry of the rights, the trademark owner must apply for renewal.

Registration, search services and renewal can all be carried out by a professional consultancy firm or attorney and it is advised that a trademark owner who is not overly familiar with Singapore trademark law, enlist the services of a professional to assist them throughout the entire application process.

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