INPI Brazil

The National Institute of Industrial Property, more commonly abbreviated to INPI, is the intellectual property office responsible for industrial property in Brazil. Owners of industrial designs, patents or trademarks in Brazil, who seek registration rights over their intellectual property, must apply to the INPI with the appropriate application form and fee. It is advised to enlist the guidance of a professional consultancy firm when seeking registration rights as this will not only speed up the process but also ensure your property qualifies for registration.

INPI Brazil Explained

The INPI is a department of the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade in Brazil. It is responsible for a number of activities and intellectual property areas, including:

  • Trademark registration
  • Granting of patents
  • Recording technology transfers and franchising contracts
  • Industrial design registration
  • Software registration
  • Integrated circuits topography registration
  • Registration of geographical indications
  • Dissemination of intellectual property and technological information

The INPI actively works in accordance with both national and international intellectual property standards while operating in legal compliance with the following laws relating to specific forms of intellectual property:

  • Industrial Property Law (Law No. 9.279/96)
  • Law of Software (Law No. 9.609/98)
  • Topography integrated circuits (Law No. 11.484/07)

The institute’s primary aim is to provide a framework for intellectual property within the territory of Brazil, with an emphasis on technological, economical and social development and progression. In regards to Brazil trademark registration, the responsibility of this activity lies with DIRMA – Trademark Directorate. DIRMA will review trademark registration applications, and either approve or reject them. It should be noted that legal protection for Brazil trademarks can only be achieved through official registration through the DIRMA.

The responsibilities of the Brazil intellectual property office are broad in scope and include developing and promoting innovation and protection of intellectual property rights including trademarks, patents, and industrial designs.

The INPI further works to promote partnerships and agreements across international boundaries with other institutions to promote the effective and legal use of Industrial Property.

If you are seeking Brazil trademark registration it is important to ensure your mark complies with all necessary requirements in order to obtain successful registration – enlisting trademark search services prior to applying for registration is essential. It is prudent to seek the guidance of a professional consultancy firm when applying for Brazil trademark registration.

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