How to Register a Trademark

Below is our step by step guide on how to register a trademark with the Starting Business. We have provided useful links to give you detailed information on each of the steps required within the registration process.

1. Do your research

It is important all mark holders fully understand the requirements and scope that different types of marks adopt, depending on the jurisdictions they are registered in. Trademarks must satisfy several conditions in order to qualify for registration.

View our Trademark Guide section to better understand the purpose, benefits and considerations of how to register a mark.

2. Design your mark

If you require your mark to be designed, Starting Business can provide consultancy and design according to your specifications. View our Trademark Design page for more information.

3. Decide where to register

Use our World Trademark section to choose which jurisdictions you wish to register your mark in, and learn about the countries and relevant registries you can perform a registration in.

4. Register your mark

Complete our online Trademark Application order form and detail the selected jurisdictions you require your mark to be registered in. You will also be required to upload your representation of the mark in the application form. If you require assistance or consultation prior to your application, Contact Us using our online contact form.

Depending on the jurisdictions selected, we will conduct a comprehensive Trademark Search to ensure the mark is available. Upon success of the search, we will register your mark with the appropriate registries in the selected jurisdictions you prefer. View our Trademark Registration service page for further details.

5. Keep your mark active

Once your mark is registered we will manage the maintenance of the trademark through our Renewal Services.