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india trademark

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India Trademark Requirements

The trademarks registry in India is known as the Controller General of Patents Designs and Trademarks (CGPDTM) and is responsible for regulating, supervising and administering the registration of marks in India. Approved applications to register an mark in India are dependent on the marks compliance with the new Trade Marks Act 1999.

An India trademark was previously valid for a period of 7 years, however this is to be increased to a 10 year period, and renewable on expiry every 10 years thereafter as a result of a new act passed.

India trademarks are required to be represented graphically and be distinctive from those marks of others. It should also be a mark in relative to the goods of services it is used for.

The main impetus in registering in India is to create goodwill, a brand name identifiable with your business and to protect your brand name from competitors.

India Trademark Law

The primary legislation adopted in India for the regulation and governance of trademarks is known as the new Trade Marks Act, 1999. The Act provides details on the types of marks which are acceptable and those which are prohibited. New amendments to India’s trademark law include a broadened definition of infringement in a bid to provide greater protection against unauthorized use of trademarks.

The Act further provides remedies which can be sought by the holder of an Indian trademark where infringement or fraudulent activity against the trademark occurs. The new law also provides for increased penalties for trademark infringement including increased fines and prison terms.

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