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Italy Trademark Requirements

The Intellectual Property Office responsible for the registration of Italy trademarks is known as UIBM – Ufficio Italiano Brevetti e Marchi. All applications for registration are sent to the UIBM office and will either be approved or rejected depending on the availability and type of mark it is.

An Italy trademark must be distinctive and unique while also being capable of graphical representation. Under Italy trademark law, a trademark can be words or graphics or a combination of both, provided it is not misleading or infringing the rights of any other registered mark in Italy.

One of the most important features of an Italy trademark is that it must be unique to Italy. This means that a mark can be registered in Italy even if it is used overseas provided it does not harm or infringe the rights of all the other registered marks.

The validity period of an Italy trademark is 10 years which is calculated from the date of official registration. The mark is renewable on expiry every 10 years thereafter provided it was used in compliance with Italy trademark law and registry requirements.

Italy Trademark Law

Italy trademarks are regulated by Royal Decree No. 929 of June 21, 1942 (as last amended by Legislative Decree No. 198 of March 19, 1996) which came into force on 15th April 1996.

Under Italy trademark law, owners of a mark are given exclusive rights to the mark when it is registered. This means that no third party can use the mark without authorization from the owner, and where infringement or passing off occurs, the owner has the right to sue for damages.

Under Industrial Property Code (art 5; Art 20) no third party has the right to use an identical or similar mark for identical or similar related products or services. It also strictly prohibits marks by third parties which can cause confusion or mislead the public as to the difference between trademarks.

Italy Trademark Registration

Starting Business can provide a thorough consultation on your trademark registration, and assist you with the initial search to administering the relevant documentation. We are experienced in all aspects of Italy trademarks from the initial designing process to ensuring successful renewals.

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