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Starting Business are equipped to provide a range of trademark services to companies and individuals worldwide. Drawing on our extensive international network we are able to perform detailed searches and registrations in Russia in a timely and professional manner. Our professional and skilled consultants will ensure you have the support and assistance required to obtain your Russia trademark.

Russia Trademark Requirements

The Federal Service on Intellectual Property, Patent and Trademarks (Rospatent) operates under the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and is responsible for the control and supervision of all intellectual property in Russia. All applications for trademark registrations are sent to Rospatent for approval or rejection, and on approval the mark is registered in accordance with the trademark act in Russia.

A Russia trademark is legally required to be unique and distinguishable from other marks representing similar goods or services in Russia. Not only must the Russia trademark be capable graphical representation but the mark cannot be of a descriptive nature. The mark can be words, numbers, characters, logos, designs or a combination of them all, this is further defined in article 5 of the trademark act in Russia.  Provided the mark is available according to the trademarks database and does not mislead or confuse the public in anyway, the mark will be registered.

The validity period of Russia trademark is 10 years from the date the application for registration was filed. The owner can renew the trademark every 10 years thereafter for an indefinite period of time, provided the mark was used in compliance with the relevant law in Russia.

Russia Trademark Law

The applicable trademark law in Russia was amended on 11th December 2002 by the federal law and came into force on 27th December 2002. Russia Trademark Law provides the scope for protection and trademark rights in Russia. In addition, it stipulates that all legal entities and natural persons have the right to own exclusive ownership of a trademark (article 2).

Russia Trademark Law provides that no person may use a mark that is protected by the Russian Federation without the consent of the owner. Should a registered mark be used without authorization this is constitute as infringement of trademark rights and allow the owner to sue for respective damages from any harm caused. Exclusive rights for Russian trademarks can be found in Article 4 of the Trademark Law.

It should be noted that where a registered mark has not been in use for 3 consecutive years after registration, then legal protection will be terminated.

Russia Trademark Registration

Starting Business can provide comprehensive consultation for your Russia trademark registration. We can assist you with the initial search and help you to administer all the relevant documentation.  We are experienced in all aspects of trademarks, from the initial search process to ensuring of successful renewal.