Trademark Costs

Our trademark services vary in cost according to a number of different factors. The main differentiation’s in price are a result of the number of classes selected for the trademark, the chosen countries in which the mark is to be registered with, the type of mark, and also the registry agency your mark will be submitted through.

The number of classes will ultimately affect the cost of your trademark registration. It is important to get advice regarding the Nice Classification system and select the required classes carefully.

Depending on the registration agency used, the cost of registration will differ. Registering your mark through OHIM or the Madrid System or in individual countries national registry will conclude the cost incurred for the registration process. Additionally, your cost will be determined by the number of individual countries selected.

The type of trademark also bares a direct affect on the cost of registering your mark. Depending on whether your mark includes numbers, letters, words, shapes or designs, the trademark cost may be influenced.