Trademark Registration Advice

Starting Business can provide expert advice and guidance for individuals and companies seeking to undertake trademark registration. We have many years experience in all areas of Intellectual Property Law and provide assistance throughout the entire trademark search, design and registration process.

Areas of Expertise within Trademark Registration

Our team of specialist and qualified consultants are equipped to provide comprehensive guidance on all areas of trademarks from the initial design to conducting a search and registering the mark in your selected countries of preference. Our design team will consult with you before creating your trademark in relation to your specific needs. We will then provide effective trademark searches in the necessary jurisdictions you wish to register the mark in. Our consultants can offer guidance on the most practical and advantageous countries to register your mark in.  On approval of your trademark registration, we can assist you with your renewal process, handling all administrative activity on your behalf.

Professional Consultancy on Trademark Registration

It is strongly advised to acquire the assistance of a professional consultancy particularly for conducting trademark registration and renewal. Our qualified consultants can perform your search to ensure your mark is available for registration. Trademark searches are a vital step in the registration process and using a professional consultancy will ensure due diligence was taken on the owners part.

We are able to draw on our international contacts and resources to register your trademark in any jurisdiction you prefer across the globe, with the appropriate registries.  Trademark renewal can be a time consuming and largely administrative process, by using the services of Starting Business, we can ensure your trademark is renewed and compliant with the necessary law requirements for as long as you require the use of your mark.

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