Trademark Registration

trademark registration

Starting Business have many years experience in trademark registration. We are able to draw on our international presence to undertake registration on a global scale in a timely and professional manner. Our team of highly qualified and specialist consultants will assist you every step of the way from the initial search and throughout the registration procedure.


Trademark Registration Benefits

  • Your registration will protect your business entities identity, name and logo.
  • Provide you with a unique brand identity and exclusive ownership in your selected jurisdictions.
  • Ensures that your brand or logo does not infringe other trademarks.
  • Ensures you have legal rights to your brand, organization’s name or logo.
  • Competitors will be aware of your registration and will be deterred from using something similar.
  • Your registration allows you to take legal action against those who infringe your trademark rights.

Requirements for Trademark Registration

To acquire the trademark registration services of Starting Business you will need to provide a comprehensive representation of the mark you desire. This means that you will need to submit the exact colour, size, font, format, graphic’s and designs etc. to enable our professional consultants to conduct an effective trademark search and successfully register your mark.

Trademark Registration Procedure

The trademark registration procedure will typically involve an initial application submission for the trademark name, logo or design to be registered. A search will then be conducted by the relevant national office or authorized person to ensure the mark in question is not the same or confusingly similar to one that is already registered. The mark is published for a reasonable period of time allowing for opposition of the trademark registration to be heard.

For further information on how Starting Business can assist you with your registration, Contact Us using our online form.