Trademark Search

trademark search

The Starting Business team of experienced professionals have the necessary skills and resources to assist you in an effective and successful international trademark search. Depending on the jurisdiction in which you seek to register your mark in, we can assist you throughout the entire search and registration process.


Why use Starting Business

Certain jurisdictions require the assistance of a licensed attorney as online search databases are not available.  It is appropriate to enlist the assistance of a licensed attorney or professional consultancy to conduct your trademark search as this can demonstrate in cases of infringement that the mark holder has acted in due diligence in searching and registering their mark. Starting Business can assist you in your trademark search and ensure you receive the best possible service and selection of registration.

Is it necessary to conduct a Trademark Search

It is not obligatory to acquire assistance in performing a search, however it is paramount that an official and comprehensive trademark search is conducted prior to submitting an application for registration of a mark. OHIM database search covers the entire European Union which allows for our consultants to ascertain whether the mark has already been registered within the EU. The same applies with international trademark searches, through conducting a comprehensive international search via WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), we are able to establish whether the mark has been used in any of the selected international jurisdictions you have chosen for registration.

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