Trademark Services

Trademark services are widely considered an important and highly valuable feature for business entities to adopt in order to protect their product, brand name or service from being reproduced or replicated by competitors.  Starting Business recognize the demand for registering marks for companies worldwide and strive to assist companies in safeguarding their products, services and brand names to prevent losses from outside competition.

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Why Use Our International Trademark Services?

Starting Business are specialists in the area of intellectual property law and have the resources to assist clients in all matters of trademark services, from search and registration, to design and renewal.

Typically a trademark must comprise of something which is capable of graphical representation for the purpose of distinguishing goods or services from others. Graphical representation can include words, logos, designs, and numbers, to name a few. Through our services the holder will gain greater protection and achieve greater deterrence and remedies in cases where their mark has been adopted by another. The primary purpose of obtaining an international trademark is to hold exclusivity over a particular good, service or name,ultimately adding value to your company.