UK Trademark

uk trademark

Starting Business can offer professional trademark services throughout the UK. Our skilled consultants have an abundance of experience in UK intellectual property law and UK trademarks. Our team can assist you with any of the core trademark services: search, registration, watch and renewal.

UK Trademark Requirements

The Intellectual Property Office (also referred to as UKIPO), based in Newport, South Wales, is the official government body with full responsibility for issuing all forms of Intellectual Property rights throughout the UK. The Intellectual Property Office operates under the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS).

For a trademark to be approved registration in the UK, it must be capable of being represented graphically. The mark must also be distinguishable from those of other undertakings. A UK trademark can consist of personal names, words, numerals, letters, shapes or designs, or a combination thereof.

The validity period of a UK trademark is 10 consecutive years from the date of registration. The trademark owner has the right to renew the mark every 10 years thereafter until use of the mark is no longer required.

UK Trademark Law

The Trademarks Act 1994 is the legislation adopted in the UK for governing trademarks. This act is applicable throughout the UK and the Isle of Man and enforces EU Directive No.89/104/EEC to ensure EU member state trademark standards are upheld.

The Act provides protection against the infringement of trademark rights or passing off, offering both civil and criminal law sanctions. In cases of infringement, legal protection is automatically granted towards the mark owner with the onus on proving a mark was used in goodwill put on the third party. The scope and limitations of trademark protection can be found in the Trademarks Act 1994 together with appropriates remedies available for cases of passing off and infringement.

UK Trademark Registration

Starting Business can provide dedicated and extensive support throughout your UK trademark registration, from assisting you with the initial search procedure to administering the relevant documentation.  We are experienced in all aspects of trademark services, from the design process to trademark search, watch and renewals.

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